Saturday, April 14, 2012

Xyron Design Team Call

This was a pop up card for my husband that came out fabulous thanks to Xyron. All the glitter card stock was run through and I even used the Xyron to put down the glitter on the cake! I did use a wobble to attach the cake. The # 65 multi layers were also Xyroned together to look like chipboard.

 Project 2 -Home Design
This was a Juicy Couture perfume pink wood gift set box and I've transformed it into a beautiful rose ribbon covered pink and seafoam printed paper  chest of drawers. EVERYTHING on the box was put on with my 3 helpers.. ..the X, the 500 & the 900. I love them all and don't want any of them to feel left out!! LOL

attaching the rose ribbon

top row is on!
 pink grosgrain ribbon trim

 even putting my bling through
 final trim of velvet ribbon
 close up
 Love sentiment all done!
 top of dresser drawer box with Martha Stewart punched flower

PROJECT 3 -Layout
Xyron is so perfect when  having to adhere a word or single letters or tiny's a no mess job! The crown ribbon went on without any gluey mess and adheres perfectly!


  1. that box is beautiful i love it love Jacquie xxx

  2. I love everything you do, love your blog too,lookin foward to seeing whatyou do tomorrow, thank you,
    sharon doble


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