Friday, March 2, 2012

Which came first - scrapbooking or stamping blog hop 3/2

Memories In Time Blog Hop

 Yipppeee, you just came over from Lynda !
Joining in on this hop really intrigued me since I did not start with either scrapbooking or stamping! I never even knew this world existed until I sold my Gift Basket Business "Baskets By Claire, Inc" in 2000. I have ALWAYS enjoyed creating and dabbled in all type of artistic projects, but never realized how much fun this aspect of crafting could bring. My Gift Basket company was wonderfully satisfying and creative. I had my own store after working with a partner which followed working for an independent chain of gourmet products. The photos taken represent just some of the hundreds of photos I have from those wonderful but VERY stressful days owning my company. I enjoyed creating some of the HUGE baskets that you see as well as giving back to the community through charitable organizations such as Make A Wish.
After 12 years, I sold my company and didn't have a clue what I would do with myself. I still wanted to showcase my creative side and scrapbooking/cardmaking has given me that and so much more. Being part of a community on Blogger that is always willing to share and appreciate artistic beauty, makes this decade of my life that much richer. The BEST part, is I get to create a scrapbook about those early perfect is that??

***Where it all began***
 ***First day store opening***
 ***Business Cards & news write-up***
***Featured on a magazine cover***
*** Favorite Baskets & Christmas shelves***
*** Giving back to the community***
I kept this page super simple since I wanted it to show that when I started scrapbooking, I had no clue how much more there was to creating a page. These are some of the items I used to sell  way before I  had my store when my kids were young and I wanted to make a few extra dollars at home. When I look at them now, I can only laugh at the simplicity of it all in 1978.

So, this is a personal THANK YOU to all of you that are taking the time to check out my blog and for that, I want to offer some blog candy.
PLEASE, follow my blog and let me know which basket you thought was the BEST that I have shown. Also, please leave me YOUR blog site so I can follow you as well!!

o.k. time to hop over to Rhonda...have fun!
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  1. Good Morning Claire! How fun to learn more about you and I applaud your obvious success with your business. I don't have an ounce of creativity that would allow me to put together such gorgeous baskets. As for a favorite , I can't imagine anyone who would not love to get that monkey basket! How fun would that be..Super layouts chronicling your experience not only with your baskets but being nominated for awards, having your work published on a cover and most of all your work with charity!! Bravo, Kiddo!!

  2. Wow! How amazing! Was great to read your story and to decide on a favorite basket...hummm I think the trash cans are awsome idea for the sanatiation dept, but i will have to say that the monkey is my adorable is he!!!
    I am a follower now! Lovely layouts!
    my Blog HERE

  3. wow claire you have achieved some great accomplishments, your baskets and pages look wonderful. i like the garbage can one.
    thanks for the incite on your achievements.

    craftingwithblue at gmail dot com

  4. Such lovely layouts Claire. All of your baskets are lovely... you are super creative. But my fave would have to be the trash cans for the sanitation dept. Those are hilarious... love them!! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us! I enjoyed looking at your layouts.

  5. oops.... forgot to mention my blog.... I am actually in a Dr. Seuss hop today.. I hope you are able to stop by and check it out...

  6. Wow! Great layouts, thank you so much for sharing them.

  7. Wow!Your baskets are beautiful, I like all of them. Thank you for sharing them. I don't have a blog still nervous to try it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. Beautiful layouts! I'm a new follower, thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  9. Gosh... what a great story!! Thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of your basket creations. They all caught my eye... but have to say that I was really intrigued by the Garbage can ones for the Sanitation people. FABULOUS idea!! I am your next follower. :-)

  10. Love reliving your store with you! What amazing acomplishments you have made!! You have much to be proud of and I love that you are now documenting it all in a scrapbook! Fabulous layouts and thank you for letting us walk down memory lane with you!
    bsl60 at embarqmail dot com

  11. Love your story and your baskets are beautiful Your creativety has served you well I really like your Layouts!And the Monkey basket is awesome what a great treat for someone!!
    Big Blog Hugs, Janet

  12. So great that you get to scrap about those memories! :) I love that orangutan basket!

  13. What an interesting story and beautiful layouts. I like the blue trash can bouquet. You are really talented and loved looking at all your pages.

  14. I am hopping along, and am a new follower. AWESOME LAYOUTS! All your baskets are GORGEOUS, I can't pick a fave! TFS and have a GREAT Day,
    Me-Ma Kim
    kimnsammy at gmail dot com

  15. Your gift baskets are so cute and I would have to agree the garbage can one is really good. You can find my blog at TFS and I am glad to be in this hop with you.

  16. Love the garbage can one. I'm already a follower.
    My blog is

    vwilson577 at

  17. What a great story you covered in your creative layouts! I love your baskets! Beautiful work...that money "wild" basket is my favorite but I also love the trash can! Cute cute cute!!
    New follower - come back and visit me sometime at

  18. Hello!! First stop on the blog hop for me and I love your story and how you scrapbooked about it!! Love your baskets too! I bet you were just lost after 12 yrs!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  19. Claire, Claire, Claire... What have we gotten you into??? :) I'm so glad you moved from baskets to blogging... Where would I be without ya, my friend??? This was such a treat -- To see your beginnings in the crafty field and to read your story of SUCCESS!! You've scrapbooked all those baskets so nicely -- I have to agree with most others that the sanitation baskets really caught my eye -- a VERY neat idea!! But my eyes got caught on the "Celine Dion" basket too as that is really quite something!! :)

    Thanks SO MUCH for participating in the hop!!
    Amy :) at

  20. Thanks for sharing your story with us! Sorry I can't pick a favorite they're all gorgeous!!!

  21. Enjoyed hearing about your successes. Love the monkey basket. Glad you're enjoying retirement doing what you enjoy!

  22. TFS! Enjoyed reading about your successes and seeing your beautiful scrap layouts. I think the monkey is my favorite. New to blogging.


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