Friday, March 23, 2012

Getting GRIDdy

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I am so excited to be able to enter this one page which I created for my younger son Darren. By using the small one inch grid style lay out, it shows the amazing, adorable, sweet, handsome, awesome (you get the idea) progress from an infant  to an adult. 
I must say that cropping the pictures and finding the right ones was a task but soooo well worth it!!
Since it focuses in on their facial features, it's an interesting walk through the decades.
  I recommend this lay out to anyone who wants to see how quickly they grow! Also, the grid is already die cut and I purchased it from a local scrapbook store a while ago.


  1. I just love your grid! Thank you for letting me know that my links on my blog were not working! I do think I corrected them now! Thanks so very much for your comments!!!

  2. Oh my! This must have taken FOREVER!! I love that you have sooo many pictures on this layout and that it showcases your son throughout the years! It's a great memory to have! Thanks for joining us @ Frosted Designs!

  3. This is Great!!!!! Thanks for playing along with us at Frosted Design's!


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