Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cancer Awareness Month

For Celebrate The Occasion Challenge # 33 :

I created this layout  to honor
the memory of a beautiful Great-Grandmother/Mother,  Lisa,  who died of Breast Cancer. Since October  is national Breast Cancer Recognition month, I wanted to show her WISH so that my 3 darling Grand-daughters, Emma. Lila & Ava  could have this memory of Grandma's Wish. Lisa only got to spend a short time with Emma, our oldest and she treasured every moment of that time.I will post what her wish was since it may be difficult to read from the photo.
"Your Grand-mother Lisa died of Cancer and her biggest wish was that her grand-daughters would NEVER have to worry about this horrible disease in their lifetime."
The entire page was made using DCWV "The Lace & Linen Stack which is  absolutely gorgeous !!. I embellished the page with rhinestones, soft rose net flowers and I  used Cricut for the title and the mini  pink ribbons. The hearts were punched using  the Martha Stewart punch. 
           Thanks for taking the time to stop over, please leave a note of how Cancer has touched your life or someone dear to you.



  1. What a beautiful LO and a beautiful tribute. Let's all hope & pray that her wish comes true.

  2. Beautiful layout & adorable picture!

  3. First. I LOVE LOVE your LO. You certainly put your heart in that and what a great tribute!! You are definitely a great person. Second.. thank you for visiting my blog during the blog hop. And.. I have a group on Face Book Called Paper Hoarders. We currently have an "ALTERED BRA" challenge in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness ... You are welcome to come play. :) Thanks again.. I certainly pray that our lil ones won't have to worry about breast cancer. Sending love and hugs...


  4. This is absolutely gorgeous & a beautiful memory!

  5. Oh WOW, what a beautiful layout and tribute, I just got the chills and watery eyes!!! LOVE IT!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and of course you may repost my card!

    Thank you for your message and for bringing me here to experience your beautiful work of art!

  6. I just had to come back to let you know that it is a great idea to let your followers want to be that we can hit the reload button....I was about to tell you that I could not see a way to follow you! Gaby

  7. oh wow such a wonderful layout. Thank you so much for joing us for our Link Up for Pink linking party

  8. Beautiful tribute page to your Grandma!

    Thank you for linking up! Looking forward in seeing another one of your beautiful projects....plenty of time to link up! :)


  9. Your layout is AWESOME!!! I hope and pray the wish comes true. Just believe, Our God is Great!

  10. That is just beautiful! So breath-taking!
    Great job!

  11. Great layout I love those little hearts with ribbons on them.
    DIANA L.

  12. OMGOSH!!! This is adorable! I love everything about it especially all the hearts! Thanks for playing at CTO!

  13. This is beautiful what a great tribute to someone special. Thanks for playing along at CTO.


  14. Cute layout!! Thanks for playing with us at CTO!

  15. Oh, Claire... If I was speechless before, I'm beyond speechless now... This is soooooo beautiful. What a WONDERFUL layout with tremendous meaning...

    My aunt was recently diagnosed... She's my favorite aunt, and it has been a difficult start to treatment... A few years ago, I lost one of my friends -- every woman's wish should be that no daughter ever have to experience this... There are no other words....

    Thank you for sharing this very touching layout and joining the challenge at Celebrate The Occasion...

    Amy :) at www.lovetocrop.com
    Celebrate The Occasion DTM

  16. Wow what a touching story, and wonderful scrapbook page! Just beautiful, absolutely something to treasure! Thanks for your comment on my BCA card. I dont know if you saw but I have 4 other BCA projects up.
    I have had cervical cancer that spread into the uterus, I had chemo and radiation after my hysterectomy this was in 2003 doing good so far!
    My grandmother and my great-grandmother on my mom's side both died of cancer. My neighbor just got confirmed that he has cancer in his lymph nodes. I have had friends die of cancer of some sorts. It sucks!

  17. oH MY what a beautiful layout! So thoughtful too! I am sure everyone who looks at this will bet a warm feeling.

    TFS and visiting my blog!


  18. This is a gorgeous layout. I love lace and all the femininity of it. I really hope their grandmother's wish come through.

  19. HI Claire, your layout is fantastic, I just love it. Great to see another Aussie, don't seem to come across many, so a big hello to you.

  20. PS forgot to thankyou for your wonderful comments on my blog and my work, so big, big thankyou, hugs Suzanne xx

  21. Oh wow! This made my eyes get a little misty. What a beautiful sentiment captured in paper. Thank you for sharing this-I have a friend who has a powerful story of healing. God healed her breast cancer completely and doctors had to "clear" her of her diagnosis after having all the proof that she indeed had it. It's a beautiful testimony I only wish every woman could share. God bless you-Raquel

  22. Wow, what a beautiful layout! Your details are just stunning and so heartwarming, really wonderful! Thanks for joining us this week @ CTO :)

  23. Your layout is so lovely and such a beautiful tribute! You did a wonderful job and thanks for joining us over at CTO this week.
    Hugs, Jenni

  24. What a very touching layout I spotted it at the LUFP blog.
    I lost my father to bowel cancer in 1987 and my Aunty Kathy to lung cancer three years later. My MIL survived Breast Cancer five years ago and is currently in remission.
    All the best Ali x

  25. Your LO and and tribute to your mother is wonderful Claire. So pretty and so powerful! It brought tears to my eyes, as I too am a breast cancer survivor. It's in my lymph nodes too, but low grade, so all in all, I consider myself very lucky. Claire, I wish too with all my heart, that your mum's wish comes true, for your beautiful grand daughters and for women everywhere. xxx

  26. Such a beautiful layout! It is really a special keepsake! My parents both died from cancer, from asbestos. :( I will always miss them, until we meet again. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments.

  27. Claire, your layout honoring "Grandma's Wish" is so very beautiful, as is the concept of wishing an eradication of breast cancer in our granddaughter's lives. Nothing would be a greater gift!

    Breast cancer has touched our lives personally here. My oldest sister was diagnosed and treated 3 years ago. She was blessed in that a small, aggressive tumor was discovered purely by happenstance. Her insurance was lapsing, so she got a second mammogram in a year -- and the pea-sized lump was pressed against her rib wall under her breast, undetected just a few months earlier. Janet went a bit further and underwent studies of her DNA/genes to determine what treatment would be best for her -- it turns out that because of DNA structure in our family, chemo would have been ineffective and potentially fatal! What a miracle she found out ... and subsequently had 5 days of intensive radiation, and has been clean since. It was grueling -- but well worth the effort.

    On the other hand, my Aunt Peg (Mom's sister) wasn't as lucky. She ran from her breast cancer diagnosis, and refused treatment after a mastectomy. The cells spread to her bones and brain, and led to a horrible and painful death about 3 years later.

    The lessons learned is that we need to be strong and confident that we CAN beat cancer! And please God, let this be gone in my Charlotte's lifetime!

    Love your blog!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey
    E-mail: cardmonkey@comcast.net

  28. Claire this is a beautiful page you have created in her memory. I pray along with all the other ladies here that no little girl or boy for that matter will ever have to deal with cancer of any kind. Hugs, Pam at http://craftycards4u2.blogspot.com/

  29. Beautiful and very meaningful. Thank you for joining us this week at CTO! ~Yvonne OneCreativeMomma.blogspot.com

  30. Claire - this is phenomenal and fantastik!!!! Sew glad we were talking on facebook that I got your address to visit!!!
    Thanks my new friends...
    Hugs and Love
    Her Craftiness

  31. Beautiful, beautiful layout!!!
    Wonderful memory for your daughters!

    I am a survivor myself, nine years this July!

  32. Claire your LO is such a wonderful tribute to your Grandmother. Absolutely beautiful. The detail with the little ribbons was obviously done with love. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, and thanks for joining. I'm now following your blog.
    God Bless, Be well and praying that your GMOM's wish come true. Carole

  33. This is absolutely stunning. I don't even know what to say except that I just said a prayer over your incredible self and family. This project is exquisite, as it radiates with pure love. Gorgeous and heartfelt... and thus, perfect.

    Hugs and blessings!

  34. Claire this is stunning. I love everything about. The lace rose trim is gorgeous, I HAVE to get me some. I love how you placed the ribbons on the heart. When I was little my mom's best friend (her name happened to be Claire) lost her life to breast cancer. I remember how sad my mom was. Now as I am adult I know too many people that have been struck with it. My nurse practitioner, who I love dearly, is fighting it now. Wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog, and becoming a follower. I am now following you too:) Hugs!

  35. Saw this over at Link Up For Pink and I HAD to come take a closer look. This is one of the most beautiful layouts I have ever seen, both visually and theme wise. I love all the little hearts, the negative image title, and that beautiful flower trim. This is a true treasure. My mom is a breast cancer survivor so my daughter and I both have to be cautious. maybe one day no one will have to worry about this disease. Thanks for sharing this. :-)

  36. I just wanted to let you know you are one of our winners for LUFP. Check my blog in about an hour to see what you have won.


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