Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My best crafting partner, D.J. who is now 11 years old. Since he had a heart problem in Dec. he has been close by my side all day in my craft room.


  1. Oh he is so cute and white!! I love his bow. Our pup has 2 diseases either that could kill him, so he is never far from us either. Maybe I will post another picture of him, Actually there is a post if you want to see him, it's at May 15, He is a loving dog, so sweet. Unlike your little guy he is a bit bigger. Love D.J. big, dogs are so giving aren't they? They never hold a grudge, they always forgive, and love you unconditionally. He's a beautiful boy, Hugs, Pam at http://craftycards4u2.blogspot.com/

  2. What a sweet little guy. I wish my baby was near me but she's back in Tucson waiting for us to come home. She's a boxer/bulldog mix. I will have to post a picture on my blog now. : ) Lorby's World

  3. OMG, DJ is just sooooooo cuddly cute!!! My li'l Bailey would LOVE to give him oodles of kisses!!! :-)

    Tooooo cool --- your li'l wavin' bug is right beside me wavin' up a storm at me, as a compose this message. :-)

    I, too, have that li'l bug on my blog. He's a cutie patootie, eh?? :-)


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